Thereโ€™s no justice. @potus - Release all the files, *unredacted - #Sept11 #jfk or you are just like the rest of them. Get rid of Pence - heโ€™s dirty AF and Bill Barr Is simply controlling the investigations #deepstate
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โœˆ โ–Œโ–ŒNeverForget โœˆ โ–Œโ–Œthe victims of 9/11. -Videos recorded by Andres Barrila YouTube LINK IN PROFILE TERENCE S. HATTON World Trade Center KNOWING THE DRILL Terence S. Hatton did not like surprises. A captain in the Fire Department, he took his squad to tour buildings when there were no smoke or flames, or people to rescue. "He was very knowledgeable about the history of Manhattan and its buildings," said Alfred Benjamin, a firefighter who was a member of the captain's squad at Rescue Company 1 in Times Square. Captain Hatton was a 20-year veteran of the department. The firehouse is an elite force of about 25 firefighters, whose mission is to perform rescues. It is one of the busiest houses in the city, with 10 runs a day -- very few of them are false alarms. Captain Hatton, 41, once took his rescue team on a drill to a small theater on 43rd Street, off Eighth Avenue, so that they would know what to expect. "The theater looks small from the outside, but it's a tremendous building," Mr. Benjamin said. "It has sub-cellars, and the performers have dressing rooms in one of the basements. We wouldn't have known that if we hadn't done the drill." Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 5, 2001. #911wtcofnyc #911victims #11deseptiembre2001 #andresbarrila #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #wewillneverforget #nycneverforget #newyorkersneverforget #sept11
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โœˆ โ–Œโ–ŒNeverForget โœˆ โ–Œโ–Œthe victims of 9/11. -Videos recorded by Andres Barrila YouTube LINK IN PROFILE LEONARD WILLIAM HATTON JR. World Trade Center INTO THE FLAMES Leonard W. Hatton Jr. was on his way to work in a downtown Manhattan office building on Sept. 11 when he noticed smoke billowing from the north tower of the trade center. A volunteer firefighter and an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he changed course "and went straight there," said his wife, JoAnne Hatton. He radioed the F.B.I. and relayed what he was seeing, one of his supervisors recalled, "then tried to pitch in and help as best he could." For Mr. Hatton, 45, that meant going into the burning buildings and getting people out. "He didn't have to do that, but that was my husband," Mrs. Hatton said. "He joined right in with the fire department to help people and gave his life for it." Mr. Hatton's mother, Marilyn Hatton, said he learned a lot from his father, who was a Ridgefield Park, N.J., police officer, and that he strove to instill the same values in the children he left behind: Courtney, 11, Jessica, 16, Lenny, 20, and Tara, 21. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 1, 2001. #911wtcofnyc #911victims #11deseptiembre2001 #andresbarrila #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #wewillneverforget #nycneverforget #newyorkersneverforget #sept11
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โœˆ โ–Œโ–ŒNeverForget โœˆ โ–Œโ–Œthe victims of 9/11. -Videos recorded by Andres Barrila YouTube LINK IN PROFILE JOSEPH JOHN HASSON III World Trade Center SPORTSMAN AND HISTORY BUFF Joseph J. Hasson III was not supposed to survive his freshman year in college. But after he recovered from a car accident in which his skull was fractured and two fingers of his right hand severed, he decided to enjoy life. An avid sportsman, Mr. Hasson learned to throw a football with his left hand. He deftly bench-pressed 325 pounds, and though his disability kept him from serving in the armed forces, he was a history buff who constantly read about United States military campaigns. Over the years, Mr. Hasson, who lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and was an assistant vice president of sales at eSpeed, learned to treat himself and those he loved to the best in life. Among his indulgences were Hine Rare and Delicate Cognac, Cohiba cigars and Caribbean vacations with his wife, Mary. When he went out to dinner, he would often order takeout for his dog, Chooch. "He lived life to the fullest," Mr. Hasson's sister, Victoria Zanotto, said. "He didn't miss out on anything when he was here." For a year and a half, Mr. Hasson, 34, and his wife had been trying to conceive a child. When Joseph J. Hasson IV was born last Father's Day, Mr. Hasson's world finally seemed complete. "He'd go to the gym at 5:15 in the morning just so he didn't have to go to the gym at night, so he could spend more time with me and the baby," Mrs. Hasson said. "He was so thrilled." Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on February 10, 2002 #911wtcofnyc #911victims #11deseptiembre2001 #andresbarrila #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #wewillneverforget #nycneverforget #newyorkersneverforget #sept11
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