“Sometimes I found small jobs to do in exchange for food. Sometimes I would have to beg for food. Sometimes I would have to steal from my neighbours. Often, I would have to fall asleep without eating. I nearly died of hunger,” Read how Dennis transformed his life after he received training from The Hunger Project in Malawi 🇲🇼 : https://www.thehungerproject.org.uk/dennis-transformed-his-life-after-thp-training-in-malawi/ #thehungerproject #endhunger #hunger #poverty #sustainable #sustainability #equality #equity #selfreliance #future #motivation #environment #sdgs #food #community #malawi #empowerment #development #training #entrepreneur #microloan #microfinance
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Women are fierce. They are powerful. No matter what language they speak, how they dress or the work they choose to do. What matters is they have a choice and the freedom to carve out a life for themselves. As long as we know some, who are strong and resilient, we must respect them, carry them forward, lift them up. We are more powerful when we empower each other. #BetterTogether #LiveFaithfully #LivePassionately #LivePowerfully #LiveCourageously #NewDelhi #Rajasthan #India #TheHungerProject #TheHungerProjectIndia
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I often get asked why The Hunger Project Australia was chosen as TTC's not-for-profit partner for social giving, as there are such a plethora of worthy causes. • ✨ Because the methodology is focused on long term sustainability, not short term aid. On average, communities who work with The Hunger Project are self reliant (meeting framework goals for nutrition levels, education, access to healthcare, financial sustainability) within a 10 year period. This is a very short period of time to take thousands of people from systemic, multi-generational & chronic poverty to thriving & free from a dependence on short term aid. • ✨ Because we know that when we start with women, the whole community prospers. The standard of living conditions can't improve if 50% of the population don't have equal rights & equal access to resources - ✨ Because less than 10% of TTC's investment is absorbed into administration fees • ✨ Because one of the most important ways to help the climate crisis is to keep girls in school longer, and to give communities access to contraception • ✨ Because the programs are community led. • ✨ Because THP works across all 17 UN sustainable development goals • ✨ Because of the opportunity to witness the work first hand. • [📸 via @andreweggelton ]
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”In de kern gaat inclusie over wie waaraan mag meedoen doen, wie waarover mag meepraten en wie wat mag meebeslissen", aldus corporate antropoloog Jitske Kramer.⠀ ⠀ Ook in het werk van The Hunger Project in India speelt inclusie – en het gebrek daaraan – een grote rol (lees meer op thehungerproject.nl). ⠀ ⠀ Dorpsraadslid Rangalata Mohanta uit Odisha laat ons zien hoe zij er in haar dorp voor zorgt dat iedereen mee doet. Toen vrouwen uit haar dorp de Angawadi (gemeentecrèche) sloten omdat een medewerkster hiv-besmet raakte, kwam zij in actie.⠀ ⠀ Rangalata: “De Angawadi is de levenslijn van ieder dorp. Als die dicht gaat, verliezen kinderen een plek om te leren en zwangere vrouwen lopen goede zorg mis. Uit de training van The Hunger Project had ik veel informatie gekregen over hiv en aids en ik heb er veel over gelezen. Dus sprak ik veel vrouwen uit mijn dorp erop aan, maar ze bleven angstig...." Maar Rangalata gaf niet op. Bekijk op youtube.com/thpnederland de hele video en het resultaat van haar doorzettingsvermogen. 💪 ____⠀ Volgende week dinsdag 19 november organiseren we in Utrecht een inspiratiesessie over de kracht van inclusie. Met sprekers Jitske Kramer, Joy Lodarmasse, Evelijne Bruning en inspiratie uit India. Ben jij erbij? ➡️ thehungerproject.nl⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ #WomenEmpowerment #Inclusie #Diversiteit #TheHungerProject #Odi#Odisha #India #Odisha #ZeroHunger #SDG #CommunityLedDevelopment #GenderEquality #ChangeMakers @jitske.kramer @humandimensionsjk @joylodarmasse
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The face of a woman with a purpose. The face of Musi Dei. "One of my true heroes is a woman called Musi Dei who I met in India back in 2014 during a leadership immersion trip with The Hunger Project. Musi is an illiterate woman from the Dalit caste which meant that her life was particularly difficult and she had been discriminated against and marginalised for her entire life. She, with the support of her husband, put herself up for election in her village because she was sick of the corruption in her local panchayat which meant that none of the resources that were meant for her village ever made it to them. She wanted to change that - and she did. By putting herself forward as a candidate and taking the risk that she took - she was able to ensure the resources that her village needed - water, electricity, secure housing to name just a few. She didn’t overthink things - her place and position didn’t hold her back." [@lisagunn13] If you are struggling to identify your purpose or you want to relook at it from a greater perspective - consider taking part in our personal development programme Awaken 2020: https://www.thp.org.nz/event/awaken2020 . . . . . . #leadership #Awaken #TheHungerProject #EndingHunger #sustainability #PersonalDevelopment #NewZealand #Auckland #aucklandcity #mondaymotivation #journey #strength #joy #goals #wecan #womenempowerment
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Just be you 💙 I wish I learnt this lesson so much earlier in life. Do the things that set your heart on fire, we only have ONE LIFE. Also, if you haven’t got yours yet, jump into @decjubaofficial and grab @thehungerprojectau tee! They donate 100% of the proceeds to building epicentres throughout the world! So awesome 🌏💙 #thehungerproject #beyou #differentisbeautiful #thp
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I’m in awe of this man, Badiul Alam Majumdar, Global Vice President of The Hunger Project, and the amazing projects they’re doing in Bangladesh. Having visited one of The Hunger Project’s epicentres in Uganda a few months ago, I’ve seen the results this organisation can achieve with my own eyes. To support and get involved, please visit: www.hungerproject.org.uk #thehungerproject
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