Congrats to Ben and Katy Taylor! Last night was beautiful especially boo boos hair 💙 #weddingseason #thewatertable
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Trying to put how wonderful yesterday was into words is kind of tough! I have been so excited for Dana and Jeremy's wedding day since I first met with them 21 months ago!! I was honored to be a part of a small, intimate ceremony a year ago when they exchanged vows in the same spot where Jeremy proposed. Yesterday I got to see them share their First Look in that same spot, and then spend the day celebrating the amazing couple they are! Jeremy's vows brought me to tears - among other tender moments through out the day! It was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful day! And I will admit getting some sweet Bunny (their Golden Retriever)snuggles at the beginning of it all was icing on the cake 🥰
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Oh Hey! Look at those sneaky bridal details. These “I do, me too” shoe stickers are a fun little details, especially if you are creating a wedding album. ⠀ #skylarwyattphotography #ido #shesaidyes #jamieleighevents #thewatertable #bridalshoes #finishingtouches
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This is a quick snapshot of my weekend. Everyone surrounding me with love, support and even sweet words and borrowed items that caused happy tears. Even my vail blowing away.... 🤣 I left that bitch right where she landed and kept right on walking! 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was truly the best weekend and I can’t wait for all the professional pics! 🙌🏼 I am so GRATEFUL for everyone of these people and all the others who showed up to shower @mcahill3684 and I with love 💖 . #wedding #pics #love #laughter #tears #happytears #littlewhitedress #princess #grateful #thewatertable #family #friends #surrounded #thankful #marriage #ido #wife #husband #mishap #vail #weddingdress
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My friends, it’s #watertablewednesday and on this episode I interview one of my all time favorite (s)heroes! Marty Dunlap. . Pretty much every conversation I have about water in California comes down to the same topic: the public trust doctrine. . Did you know the states constitution gives ownership of water resources to the people, while the state serves as trustee of the resource? The public trust doctrine requires the state put California’s water to reasonable and beneficial use. . All kinds of statutory law have been written since California’s constitution was written, and guess what? Water has been privatized in the state. . Learn more:
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