Another week down Det 004! 💪 In this heated #flyingrebelfriday 4 flights were pushed to their absolute LIMITS with a TW-8 Flight Competition! This competition could only be won by having brains AND brawn. For wit; the challenges consisted of warrior knowledge evaluations and a slew of GLP's. For strength; a game of tug of war and mortar ball. After a valiant effort from the Avengers, the Barons, the Chargers, and the Defenders, the smoke cleared and it was the DEFENDERS WHO CAME OUT VICTORIOUS! 🎉🎊🎉 Well done for receiving BOTH Honor and Warrior flight Defenders, and an amazing effort from the cadets of Detachment 004! #unlv #rotc #afrotc #airforce #tugofwar #frisbee #unlvrotc
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Even after taking the Physical Fitness Assessment, cadets were still up early getting in a good workout thanks to our Physical Fitness Officer, Cadet Fydenkevez! #afrotc #uconnnation #ccsu #ecsu #uri
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This week cadets started off LLab by refolding the super flag for our friends at Veteran's Affairs and Military Programs. Following this, cadets got right to work practicing for our Field Leadership Exercise (FLX) next week. They learned low/high crawls, how to carry someone without a litter, different fireteam formations, room clearing, and pieing corners and windows. All these skills will be useful not only at the upcoming FLX but also at Field Training. #afrotc #uconnnation #ccsu #ecsu #uri
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Amazing day today as we watched Ethan he swore in to the Air Force. We are so proud of our boy and his desire to serve his country. My dad would be so proud. #futureflyboy #usaf #afrotc
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Our detachment had the honor of hosting the Air Force F-22 Raptor Demo team who will be performing in Fort Worth for an air show this weekend. It was a great opportunity to listen to the advice of incredible airmen. Thank you to @f22demoteam for taking the time to inspire future leaders in the Air Force. Air Power! #afrotc #det845
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Another LLAB down, another look at members of our detachment following in their family’s footsteps. This week we’d like to take a look at Cadet Mackenzie Jorgensen, and her uncle, Air Force Colonel Eric Jorgensen. Good luck to Cadet Jorgensen on her journey, and thank you to her Uncle for his service. #afrotc #syracuse #airforce #airpower #heritageseries
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