Tomorrow is the first day of fall - I have something special for that but until then you’ll get a shot of this beautiful dress I wore to a wedding over summer and just found again today.
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Check out our website for beautiful handmade accessories, WWW.HAWASBOUTIQUE.ETSY.COM. Link is in bio.
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Sometimes the right prayer sounds extreme, but you need to learn how to pray right. . . This is a powerful prayer, those who are discerning will understand the depth. . . Follow @womenofrubies for more inspiring post
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What does your spa day consist of? After a long week of work, working out and other important endeavors, we sometimes forget to have a little me time. My favorite me time consist of an epson bath, relaxing music...okay r & b lol, an aloe face mask and tea. When I get out of the tube, I love to moisturize with anything shea moisturizer or lavender& vanilla scented #bathandbodyworks #lovesme. I love to put a foot mask on as well. While I watch something enjoyable. Like seriously, I will make up a spa experience. Dyso, Target, or Walmart has a section that will cater to your home spa on a budget experiences. Now, occasionally I will go for a really good spa day in Palos Verdes or LA. Oow chillle, a honey scrub and the sleep room at #Berkwilliams . I love both experiences because I get what I relax. . . . . . . . #spa #blackwomenspaday #blackwomenworkout #fit#fitkwomen #fit #fitness #blackgirlsrock #workout #relax #laspa
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