There are so many shoots and weddings coming to the BRAND NEW blog (! 🎉 So excited to have a spruced up online home for my work (but also tons of personal and lifestyle stuff too)! Katie & Marc’s engagement session was a favorite of mine this year - I loved Katie’s dress and these two are just adorable together. They’ve been dating for a long time just like Justin and I were leading up to marriage and there’s just something really exciting about a wedding day and the start of a marriage that’s been prayed over for so many years. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so sweet. Next summer will be here so soon you two!! ❤️
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Seeing a wedding day come to life in print is one of my favorite things 💕 So excited to share Thomas and Brennan’s wedding on the blog tonight! #KDPmarriages
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“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” - Unknown. Happy pre-Friday!
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Happy Friday Eve, friends! I’m assisting on my second to last wedding of 2019 tomorrow (how did that happen?!). And then... I have my first Saturday off since the very beginning of September 😱🙌🏼 I’m looking forward to a beautiful day tomorrow (see you soon @nikkischell!!) and a weekend full of rest, prepping for the week ahead & maybe a little bit of fitness too! What about you?! Any fun weekend plans on your calendar? Let me know in a comment!
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There is a lot of pretty on the blog today, but a classic b&w still remains a favorite for me! I mean, everyone should have this much fun at their wedding, am I right? 💃 Julia & Taylor's @bigspringva wedding is on the blog today - enjoy!
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“Even when this world is a forgotten whisper of dust between the stars, I will love you.” — Sarah J. Mass
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@helen_sairany’s wedding incorporated elements from different traditions, but one very close to her heart was the traditional “sofreh aghd” seen in many persian or shia muslim weddings. the table is laden with symbolic items: a mirror reflecting the couple, sweets for the sweetness of marriage, holy books and other prayer items symbolizing faith, and more. swipe to see a few other perspectives and details from this beautiful tradition —> . . . . . . . . #ayeshaahmadphotography #dmv#dmvweddingographer #dcweddingphotographer #dmvwedding #marylandweddingphotographer #mdweddingphotographer #virginiaweddingphotographer #vaweddingphotographer #charlottesvilleweddingphotographer #cvilleweddingphotographer #aphawedding #washingtonweddings #interculturalwedding #kurdishbride #arabbride #muslimbride #sofreh #sofrehaghd
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