About last night.. #hopefest2019 was an absolutely incredible night. Was super excited to see @couragemylove again and I was not disappointed. Well one little sad tear because they didn’t play walls but it’s not the end of the world. Until next time 🖤 #concert #couragemylove #waterloo #maxwells #iphonexr
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Every day, I’m impressed and humbled by the sheer number and variety of eating challenges that so many people seem to face. An eating challenge might mean that someone simply is eating the kind of poor quality diet that industry and media forces down our throats that robs us of our true health. Eating challenges could mean the desperate desire to lose weight, and the absolute frustration of trying so many different kinds of diets and strategies that fail to give us long-term and sustainable results. Eating challenges could mean overeating, binge eating, disordered eating, and the many ways we reject our human form, perhaps even hate it, and try to morph it through diet and exercise. I’ve watched too many people spend years even decades struggling around food. Perhaps the silent question that consistently runs through these challenges is this: Is there hope? Hope is both a fuel and a fire. Hope allows us to move forward. And oftentimes, it seems as if hope is a distant memory at best, or at worst, something lost. But the good news is that there is always hope and that secretly hidden within every human challenge we face are the seeds for its solution. Really. This I promise you. 💜 @emilyjoyrosen @eat@eatingpsychologypractitioners @mindbody_nutrition @the.empowered.woman @the.secret.keepers @eatingpsychology
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Many of us are alive on planet Earth, but haven't fully agreed to really be here. We resist our life, or protest our body, our upbringing, our past and we don't choose to simply embrace our life's journey. From this place, it's inevitable that we'd have eating issues, neglect the body, and diminish our own health. I know because I lived it...It wasn't until I truly understood this and made the decision to be here that challenges I was facing began to resolve with greater grace. ‪ 💙💜💛 @EmilyJoyRosen @eat@eatingpsychologypractitioners @mindbody_nutrition @the.empowered.woman @the.secret.keepers @eatingpsychology
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I feel pretty certain that one of the biggest choices we will ever have to make is Do I want to heal? And let me be super clear and save you years of pointless suffering You cannot make that decision for someone else You cannot force someone to care You cannot coerce someone into healing This is a personal choice This is your choice Yes, I know it's hard to watch those we love struggle but you cannot choose healing for them just like no one can choose healing for you So show your care Cloak the world in love Shine your light painfully bright Ask questions And live answers But do not violate people with your projected fantasies Let them choose And choose yourself I used to think I could save people But I can see now how that was for me so I could feel good and deserving of love too It was a way I distracted from my own suffering And what I am finding is there is nothing that helps those you love heal quite like seeing you heal We can lead by example here Make your own kind of magic and encourage others to do the same please so we can write more stories of how I saved me of how we all broke free magically ❤ @EmilyJoyRosen @mindbody_nutrition @eat@eatingpsychologytitioners @eatingpsychology @the.secret.keepers @the.empowered.woman #couragemylove #justwakingup #healinghearts #secretkeepers #findthelight #woundsintowings
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Safety // Safety brings grounding, nourishment, contentment and release. As our nervous system finds ground we can ease into life from a place of surrender and strength. For many of us we are holding tension and stress from years of trauma, betrayal, loss and boundary violations. We may not even know what safety feels like. This is why we practice. This is why we breathe. This is why we find our path, a teacher, our own wisdom and dance until we feel it....the soft shake of surrender. We find ourselves. And we practice again and again. I hope you create some space today to explore, to live, to experience freedom. I hope you allow the sweet soft beauty of your soul to wind it’s wisdom deep into your skin. From safety comes wholeness, integration and expansion. Be brave dear ones. Let’s do this. . 💓kim #iamfree #youarewhole #emotionalhealing #goodenough #practiceoverperfection #letlovein #heartspace #anxietywarrior #anxietyfree #youareapoem #couragemylove #iambeautiful #mindbodyconnection #healingjourney #findyourmagic #sacredspace #innerwisdom #thisishowweheal #iamwellandgood #eldoradohills
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🌅🚶‍♂️🐚🌊🚶‍♀️🌿Stori torej tako. Odloči se. 💚 Je tvoje življenje takšno, kot si ga želiš? Je ob tebi oseba, ki jo ljubiš? Je to, kar si, največ, kar si lahko? Zmoreš biti še močnejši? Še bolj prijazen? Še bolj sočuten? Potem se odloči. 💙 Vdihni, izdihni 🍃 in se odloči. 🙏 (Meredith Grey) 💜🧘‍♀️ . #murterisland #wildasthewind #innertruth #love #light #explore #zen #flow #healing #joy #gratefulheart #tantraislove #soulenergy #omm #photography #nature #awareness #serenity #divinebliss #namaste #art #peaceonearth #journey #couragemylove #greysanatomyquote 🌼
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