The moment I hit the biggest goal in my life... My flight was delayed 3 times connecting from Dallas to go back to NY due to weather conditions so I didn’t think I would make the event... Flight landed on time, got in the uber hoping time was on my side... Got to the venue right before the event started... I felt intimidated surprisingly for ONE trade! Im used to trading in front of hundreds of people at a time but THIS trade here was different! My arms felt heavy... My heart was pumping... It got real quite in the room... I placed my trade and it looked like it was going to be an L... So when we saw that green profit bubble, the feeling was just amazing... Glad I was with some of my closest trading partners when it happened... We didnt let the rain or any other excuse cancel the live meeting... We toughed it out and something great happened! Im watching all the reposts on my story and it’s an amazing moment to relive... DM me ASAP to LEARN how to EARN trading in the international markets #crazy #grateful #humbled #forex #stocks #trader #tradeandtravel
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