Day 42 @SlackwoodSchool A day for 3rd graders to wonder and notice about the Thinker of the Month #ThinkerZone #CultivatingCuriosity
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I posted this activity earlier in my stories, but had questions. Here is the low down on this fun activity! 😘👇🏻 . . These are our Autumn open-ended play bins. I do one of these seasonally and pick up thrift store finds-that fit into the theme-throughout the year. A themed bin can be done on anything though, not just seasons. (space 🚀, apples🍎, ocean🐳, etc) Throw in some warm homemade play dough, dried beans, sticks...Really, ANYTHING can be added to these open ended play bins: sequins, beads, rounded glass pieces, cotton balls, jute, wire, tiny string of twinkle lights, seeds, buttons, animal figures, sand, even a water element! Basically, whatever you know is safe for your kids to play with. 🙌🏻 . . These are vintage EnamelWar pots which work wonderfully for this activity, but any container will do! (And a container actually isn’t needed, but it does help contain the mess). . . Then, just set it up and they play. When I first pulled these out, my crew didn’t really know what to do. So if this is your child, it’s ok! Their imaginations will develop more with this type of activity and they will become quite creative making “fairy garden type” scenes. . . The last part of this activity is to add Peace & Calming essential oil blend into the home made play dough. It works! 😂. 👉🏻Plus, the benefits of breathing in nature’s goodness is brought to them even though they are playing inside. . . Hope that was helpful! Check my stories for the play dough recipe 😁
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We spent some time cultivating curiosity this week with @hendricksgin along with @williamgrantuk and our @inverarity_morton team. Lesley, the master distiller, and her gin palace are legendary!🍸#hendricks #ginpalace #cultivatingcuriosity
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Hangin‘ around @krafftgasse. Nach der Einheit ist mir was eingeschossen. Erkenntnisse/Blitzlichter entstehen ganz oft durch Perspektivenwechsel. Was spricht dagegen, zumindest mal der Überlegung Raum zu lassen ob man sich selbst genug Raum gibt, dass solche Blitzlichter entstehen können? Wie oft sagst du dir selbst: Ich muss das, ich kann nicht, das geht nicht weil...? Ist das wirklich so? 😉 . . . . . #calisthenics #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenicsbeginner #krafftgasse #animalmovement #kletteraffe #perspektivenwechsel #healthybodyandmind #achtsamkeitdynamisch #dynamicmindfulness #mindfulvienna #focus #curiousmind #cultivatingcuriosity #movementculture #movementismedicine
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The final results of my THC MCT oil making. Been testing and found the sweet spot. Also some drooling guinea pigs. Recipe I used was Bad Kitty Smiles one on YouTube. Thanks to @nineinchcolas for pointing me to this one. I have made all sorts of edible weed stuff. This by far is the best way. Medically it’s bang on what I want. I’m not mentally messed up, because t almost all my old-man pain and back pain is gone. So many years and experiments just to find this! . . #Cannanadian #incredigrown #cannabis #marijuana #medicalmarijuana #medicalcannabis #ACMPR #CanandianCannabis #Canada #Alberta #YYC #YYC420 #CalgaryCannabis #CannabisCultivation #CultivatingCuriosity
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