@bar_mixology_bartender setting the standard high with these 3 showstoppers ✨
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The detail in our event setup is intricate and immaculate in detail😍 @30pavilionroad #searcys #ibelong #eventprofsuk #lon#londonevents #eventoperations #london #events #hospitality #chefs #eventchefs
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28 tuk tuks heading out into the city for our team activity #lisboncitytour #lisbontuktuk #eventprofs #eventprofsuk #activateyourevent
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Last week, we hosted a special dinner in our Yves Saint Laurent Room for under 30 guests. . . Guests were surrounded by Rubens’ masterpieces. The ingenuity of his compositions and brilliant use of colour made Rubens eminently suited to the task of dazzling audiences. . . Guests were also dazzled by exquisite floristry, event decor and catering. . . Thank you @admirablecrichton @pandpflowers @flo_brooks_photography
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Combat mode: on 😂 Saturday night fun turning into a circus slinky and then channelling warrior vibes for @officialsensationent 🌟✨ Photo credit: @e_piks
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Looking for a quirky venue for your next event? Say bye to the corporate feel and choose something truly unique with @shreksadventure!⠀ ⠀ Who knew that the enchanted kingdom of Far, Far Away was really minutes away from Westminster and Waterloo? 🤔
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