✨You glow differently when you’re happy✨ . One day you wake up and you’re in this place. You’re in this place where everything feels right. Your heart is full and your soul is happy. Your thoughts are positive and your vision is clear. You are at peace, at peace with where you’ve been, at peace with everything you’ve endured, and at peace with where you are headed. . When you decide to take care of yourself you start feeling better on the inside, you start looking better on the outside, and you start to attract better — Happiness all starts with YOU! . . . . . . #tra#transformationtuesday #happiness #findyourhappy #happyandhealthy #fitspo #fitmom #momoftwo #warrior #determined #peacefullness #smilemore #findyourglow #happinessisachoice #cuphalffull #affirmations #mindful #positivethoughts #mindbodyspirit #personaldevelopment #transform #workout #exercise #fitness #momlife
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Lets get real! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕 So everyone wants to fall in love and find that special someone, right?! But nobody ever thinks they have to fall in love with themselves first! Nowadays people rush into relationships because that is what society advertises and people settle for less than they deserve! They get a rush of endorphins because it is something new and exciting. Then once that fades away you are still left alone, sad and unhappy! Well I’m here to tell you the change comes from within! It’s not from material things or a person that is just a moment that doesn’t last forever! Finding the time for yourself and learning to not only love yourself but truly understand yourself is what’s important! ❤️ loving yourself should be your first priority and until one realizes that, you will be forever unhappy. Remember you can’t truly love another if you don’t love you first! 😉 #findyourhappy #loveyoufirst #encourageothers #selflove #bekind #doitallwithlove 💕
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Hmm the pool or the beach? How about both! 😀💙 #octopusresort . 📸 @lena_belz
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Who else's favourite colours are SUNSET?! 😍 #bluelagoonfiji
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Deck the halls with boughs of holly! These Coton Colors ornaments are great for every milestone and occasion. Start your collection today #falalalalaaaa #christmastime #cotoncolors #findyourhappy #lovemoonmippy
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Paradise Cove Resort is like stepping straight into a postcard. You'll have to see it to believe it! 😉🌴 #paradisecoveresortfiji
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transformation tuesday... here goes nothing 😅🙈 . In bodybuilding, as athletes we kno that our stage physique is not something we maintain year round. However, knowing this it didn’t change the fact that adjusting to seeing myself in a bigger body, w/ higher body fat than desired to step on stage, severely messed w/ my head, messed w/ the way that I perceived myself & even presented myself to the world. After my last show, life also came at me fast, so many changes & curve balls. I was learning to maneuver through it all while adjusting to post-show life, seeking some sort of balance, while still living a healthy lifestyle & running 2 health & fitness biz. I found myself growing more & more anxious about my weight, falling back into a dark space mentally, old habits & the cycle of binge eating came back worse than ever. My weight fluctuated so much over this year, at one point I found myself at my heaviest- ever. Over the last year I’ve had to do some serious soul searching, learning to build myself up from the inside out. Learning what this DOPENESS of mine really was. I realized the past 2 years, I had wrapped up my self-worth in a physique that i’d worked so hard to achieve, and like my success was owed to it & then feeling like I’d lost it, I felt like I’d lost myself, lost my worth. I felt invalidated. This affected everything. My biz, relationships. I was making myself small & insignificant. I avoided gatherings with friends, I cancelled trips, I just wanted to hide. As women, we are constantly bombarded with images of what we should look like, especially in an industry such as this. But the truth is, as women, our bodies are constantly changing- helloooo hormones, & babies, & happy weight & in-love & heartbreak weight! It happens & I’m learning to love me through all of these stages & fluctuations. The reality is, nobody can make U feel small except yourself. & I allowed that of myself for way too long. But I’m also doing the work. My self-awareness has heightened. I’m speaking to a professional, & truly finding my dopeness away from a physique that is a part of me but not all of me.
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Do you like to explore above or below the water's surface? Either way, we think that Kadavu is one place that you'll #FindYourHappy. . . Under the sea you'll find the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the largest barrier reefs in the world and home to an abundance of marine life. Up on the surface, adventure seekers are welcome to roam the island's unspoiled natural beauty with bird watching and hiking. . . 📍Kadavu Island, Fiji 📸 @ZoomFiji [IG] with Kadavu Tourism Association & MDF Fiji #Fij#Fiji/a> #Fiji #InstaTravel #Travel #TravelGram #Traveling #Kadavu
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