🙋‍♂️ 🆔 𝙉𝙀𝙊𝘽𝙊𝙇𝙀𝙏𝙐𝙎 𝙀𝙍𝙔𝙏𝙃𝙍𝙊𝙋𝙐𝙎 🍄 🕵️‍♂️ 🌍 (syn.Sutorius luridiformis)🌲🌞🍁🌞🍃🌞🍂🌳 🇷🇺 Дубовик крапчатый 🇫🇮 Veritatti 🇪🇪 Punapoorik-kivipuravik 🇬🇧 Scarletina bolete 🥣 Yes съедобный..................................#дубовик —— 🇷🇺 Диаметр шляпки зрелого гриба составляет 5—20 см, шляпка имеет полушаровидную, подушкообразную, округло-подушковидную форму, на ощупь бархатистая, матовая, изредка слизистая, с возрастом может стать голой, цвет шляпки — каштаново-коричневый, тёмно-бурый, тёмно-коричневый, чёрно-бурый, может иметь оливковый или красноватый оттенок, при надавливании темнеет или чернеет. Мякоть жёлтоватая или ярко-жёлтая, быстро синеет или окрашивается в зеленовато-синий цвет на срезе, в ножке — красноватая или буроватая, без вкуса и запаха. Ножка 5—15 см высотой и 1,5—4 см толщиной, цилиндрическая или клубневидная, бочковидная, позднее обычно утолщённая внизу, цвет жёлто-красный, без сетчатого рисунка, но с красными чешуйками или точками. —— 🇬🇧 The diameter of the hat of a mature mushroom is 5–20 cm, the hat has a hemispherical, pillow-like, rounded-pillow shape, velvety, dull to the touch, occasionally mucous, can become naked with age, the color of the hat is chestnut brown, dark brown, dark brown , black-brown, may have an olive or reddish tint, when pressed darkens or blackens. The flesh is yellowish or bright yellow, it quickly turns blue or turns greenish-blue in cut, in the leg it is reddish or brownish, without taste or smell. —— 🇫🇮 Veritatti on etupäässä jalopuulehdoissa ja puistomaisilla alueilla kasvava laji, jolla on punaiset pillit ja keltainen jalka, jossa on koko pituudelta punaisia pisteitä (ei verkkokuviota). Sienen kaikki osat muuttuvat kosketuksesta välittömästi siniseksi. Veritatti on syötävä, mutta tulee kypsentää perusteellisesti. —— 🍄 #mycology #fungus #fungi #mus#mushroom> #wildfood #foraging #грибы #cha#champignon> #hongos #forage #shroom #mushroomhunting #pilze #грибочки #porcini #moss #mushroomsociety #mushroom #лес #cep #champignon #funghi #magicmushrooms #setas #shrooms #きのこ #forest #ecology #🍄
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Wow! We are so honoured to have been nominated in the Best Tourism Initiative category at the @scottishruralawards 2020!
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Début de la table ronde sur la notion de #catastrophe dans le cadre du @festival_ressac #Brest #pollution #art #artalouest #sediment #forage
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Out foraging beautiful bits for our workshops today! 🌲🍂🌾
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Wild Foods 🌿 We are a full 21 days into the Ancestral Diet. I am feeling a lot of a changes in my body and being, but I will write more about those later. For now, I’ll focus on the importance of wild foods. Wild Foods have always been a large part of our ancestors diets. Even in our agricultural lineages, fishing and hunting held a sacred place in their lives. We are reclaiming our relationship to wild foods step by step by consciously engaging in these ancient practices. @asiriosarts has been studying for his bow hunting license so that we can release ourselves from a reliance on store bought meat. We currently do not have space to raise animals but we are blessed with living in a place surrounded by abundant nature. So, hunting and fishing is the best way for us to sustainably increase our animals foods intake. Wild animals have a completely different life than domesticated animals, they are free to experience the world in a natural way. When we consume these animals, we are eating this natural freedom and harmonious way of being, and taking all of that energy into our body. 🌿 Why do you value eating wild foods? #wildfoods #fis#fish/a> #fish #tahoenationalforest #nature #natural #harmony #lifecycle #organic #hunting #forage #food #hea#heala> #wellness #healing #heal #elementalhealth #trout #brooktrout
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My go to ingredients when it comes to cooking mushroom’s: Garlic/Thyme/butter. . . Mushrooms, Butter (I use vegan butter, some vegan butter is 💩 to fry with so hmu for a link to the good stuff) Garlic, Fresh Thyme, Yeast extract / Marmite (1/2 tsp just before serving) On hash browns with cavaro nero cabbage, & PEPPER If you want to be fancy why not throw avocado on top and don’t forget ickle splash of hot sauce. 🔥👌#breakfastofchampignons . . Disclaimer: Im not a chef or an expert on Identifying mushrooms. I just had a lazy Sunday and thought I was Gordon Ramsey for a minute 😂ffs . . The mushroom’s I’ve cooked here look like Field Blewit’s but were found in the woods so we’re going with Wood Blewit’s, they vary in colour and can be problematic for some people when ingested, they need to be cooked (not to be eaten raw) eat a tiny amount at first once you’ve cooked it and done your research. I ate this yesterday and feel fine so i’m one of the lucky ones. The flavour is subtle, texture is good 7/10 from me. 💜🍄👌#foragedfood #mushroomsforbreakfastlunchanddinner . . Let me know in the comments how you like to cook your 🍄
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