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My trainers have clocked up a few miles now, not huge amounts but at least they look less new and shiny now! So during yesterday’s cold and damp parkrun I realised something, which I reality I think I knew deep down all along. I don’t like running. Wait for it @run_shelley_run (I can sense you falling off the sofa or spitting your drink across the room), when I say I don’t like running I need to explain more. I’m a really competitive person, I mean there are a number of board games that our family can’t even consider playing as I will resort to physical violence if I’m at risk of loosing... anyway, I digress. The act of pulling on a pair of trainers and leaving my house for a run doesn’t do it for me, whilst I know for others the time to clear their head, focus nothing other than putting one foot in front of the other etc... is an amazing experience, but not an amazing I have experienced on any of my attempts at “running around the block”. However, if I’m honest with myself I bloody loved doing my 10k last weekend, despite my nerves and doubts that I was capable of it, I did really enjoy it. So yesterday, after parkrun when I realised that despite my moaning I do enjoy them too, and actually the thing that both they and the 10k gave in common is a finish line, something to aim to, I realised that was what I didn’t get from running around the block, stopping my watch isn’t quite the same feeling as crossing a finish line or entering a finish funnel! It’s not about winning something in its entirety, but just not being last (not because that’s a bad thing, but because I’ve been last nearly all my life at anything remotely physical, still bearing school day scars from that!), but just beating that one person in front of you. So with @abpsouthamptonhalfand10k in my diary for April 2020, I did what any insane person would do. I have booked myself to take part in a running race event every month between now and my half marathon, as an attempt to appease my finish line chasing, and keep me motivated on those in between weeks to go out and do some training runs. Eeek! #running #runningwithfriends #dirtytrainers #challengingyourself #goals #selfhonesty
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