St. Louis was our first stop once we left Iowa. Our sleeping arrangements fell through, so we made good use of @walmart parking lots and sleeping bags, lol! Unfortunately, due to my overcompensation of not doing any planning beyond a general itinerary, I failed to realize that the City Museum was closed. Both Caleb and I were pumped to go, but being in St. Louis from Sunday night- Tuesday night, we found that it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Made sure to get to the Arch, though, since I had never been! 1) A Caleb in its natural state 2) My silhouette 3) Psshhh... we aren’t extra... 4) Alley shot 5) Or... shots 6) From the top of the arch! 7) At the top 8) What normal people see 9) What welders see 10) Outside the arch
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A Bald Eagle with breakfast on the Wisconsin River this morning
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While in Iowa, we did quite a bit! From going shooting to spearfishing to hanging at Granny’s marina, we crammed quite a bit into that chunk of time. Here’s just a few pictures from that time!
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This is one of the most beautiful places in Ha Giang when it comes to Autumn. I was always fascinated every time I came here, even though I went many times #hagiangloop #travelvietnam #travelphotograpy #autumnvibe #landscapepainting #gowandering #letsgoeverywhere #exploretocreate #myvietnam #theoutbound #vietnamtourismboard
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Gnarley cedar trees on the edge of a cliff at Gibraltar Rock. Taken 10.19.19
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