The sweet Lavender Mist crystal pendant still available in the shop today is such a calming piece. ✨ Featuring a beautiful large Moss agate, vibrant amethyst and tiny clear quartz tail- this is a perfect accessory for anyone who truly adores crystals! Take a look. 🌿
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The lovely ‘Neptune’ God of the Sea crystal pendant pictured here will soon be on its way to a new home! 🖤✨ But the beautiful Poseidon pendant from this set is still waiting patiently in the shop today. 🐚 Take a look! 🌊
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Have I mentioned how much I love the colors of copper-based minerals? 💎💜 Malachite has one of the most vibrant green colors in the crystal kingdom. Carbonate minerals in particular tend to be my favorites, but anything with copper involved (like this malachite) catch my eye, and my heart This beauty comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is available for $60 delivered in the US (DM to claim)
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These pyrite spheres remind me of the sparkle and joy of Christmas. . . Pyrite helps to bring abundance and prosperity in our lives. It is also one that inspires creativity. Pyrite has been known to increase vitality around you and the space you’re in, lessening intellectual fatigue. It is a protector against manipulation. Pyrite is empowering for the spirit helping us to push through fear and in return take action. . .
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😱🤩😍 Can't believe I am holding these giant beauties right now! Who needs a MASSIVE Rainbow Fluorite tower in their life?? ✋🏼✋🏼 They're even more beautiful than I had hoped 😭 I have 3 of these obelisks and I'll be listing them with more info and prices soon! For now, just look at these unbelievable babies 😍😍 . . . #fluorite #rainbowfluorite #fluoritetower #crystals #crystallove #crystallover #healingcrystals #crystalhealing #crystalsales #crystalsforsale #crystalporn #quartz #crystaladdict #crystalshop #ilovecrystals #crystalcollection #crystalsofig #crystalenergy #love #instagood #followme #picoftheday #happy #beautiful #metaphysical #reiki #reikihealing #boho #goodvibes
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We have one more (absolutely gorgeous) amethyst cluster left on the site. A perfect treat to gift yourself or a special soul. Wishing you a great start to your week filled with positivity, love, and gratitude 💜
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