Every find yourself gorging like a wild animal who hasn’t eaten in forever 🙋🏻‍♀️- - If you say no you are totally in denial 👀🤪- - What do we do to stop that behavior? - - 1. Limit the tempting foods we buy. If you have kids like I do. They want junk. And you know what I’m not the mom to keep those foods completely out. I’m being real. Those foods are in my house but not OVERLY CRAZY. But if you are trying to be good. Limit and balance the pantry. If you can’t control yourself then don’t buy them. (That’s me and peanut butter. So I have to put myself on a time out from time to time) just keeping it real. We are human right ? - 2. Feel the hunger pains starting? Ask yourself are you hungry or bored. For me the weekends are slower and I find myself sitting around and hungry all day. And Im like dude u just ate!!!!! And then the little hunger Demon is like ur hungry homie and we have a brawl. Give urself some time before u hit the fridge. - - 3. Plan your meals. I can’t tell you how much that helped me when I first started. Losing 115 lbs didn’t just happen. It took Planning and a few temper tantrums. (Since we are keeping it real right?) plan your day the night before. Get those groceries ready so u don’t find yourself scrambling. Because you will definitely grab the cookie if it’s there and you aren’t prepared. - - 4. Just remember it’s all a process. Don’t beat yourself off if u totally fall off the wagon. It happens. And it’s gonna happen a lot. The key to your success is get the @&$! Up, dust yourself off, realize what happened, and make the corrections. And do NOT QUIT!!!! Please!!!!! So many times I see people fall off and don’t come back to what they started. I shared my journey of -115 lbs. I shared the good the bad and the ugly. There were days where I legit cried and said I was never going to lose the weight, I was never going to walk like a normal person with zero nerve function in my right leg, and I hated the world and myself. And when I was done kicking rocks for a moment I dusted off all the garbage and started again. It took me 3 years to take off that weight. And through all the ups and downs I am so glad I didn’t quit!!!! I hope you never do!-
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Growing up my Nanna always made me banana bread for morning tea when we visited her🥰⁣ ⁣ Now that @happywayau brought out protein banana bread it doesn’t make me feel so guilty when I eat more then one piece 🙊🎉 ⁣ ⁣ Make sure you try it out and don’t forget to use HAPPYANGELA for cheeky discount ✨
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Ab Circuit: 30 seconds each 4 sets 🔹Medial Crunch 🔹Leg raises followed by 15 second hold at the end 🔹Cable Crunches 🔹Russian Twists 🔹Single Leg Mountain Climbers
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huuuuge gym day (& WINE NIGHTTT🍷) for me and my pretty bffs!!! ✨💪🏼💛( crop in @tess_dunz + @miabriggs10 + @erinnfulton )😂💕 . . . 🔥 today’s workout was a killlller. SWIPE over & save this LEG focused HIIT workout that will seriously leave you dead☠️ + it burns A LOT of cals! . . . #Fitspo #Fitfam #GirlsWhoLift #Gym#GymLife #Legday #NoPainNoGain #FitLife #GetStrong #Workout #MondayMiles #ChestDay #SeenOnMyRun #TrainHard #Gains #Strengthtraining #FullBodyCircuit #FullBodyWorkout #Fitness #Bodybuilding #Yoga #CrossFit #FitFluential #Fitnessfriday #Flexfriday #Sundayrunday #Instarunners #Gym #Movenourishbelieve #Squats #HIITWorkout
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REFIT® is a life-changing group fitness experience that rocks your body, heart, and soul with powerful moves and positive music, to inspire you form the inside out. Turn boring, have-to workouts into a can't-miss community fitness experience. . . We are your local, small scale, community driven fitness space and offer classes seven days a week. Our instructors are knowledgeable and welcoming. Have you been considering joining us for a class? Don’t know where to start? Call or text us and we can help! Our space has students of all ages and all fitness levels.  This is a safe space and we look forward to getting to know you! . . www.CABmovement.com to view our full schedule or download the MindBody app and book classes directly from your phone! . Questions? Call or Text us at ‭(931) 505-2533‬ . #Fitspo #Fitfam  #Gym#GymLife #Legday #NoPainNoGain #FitLife #GetStrong #Workout #ChestDay #TrainHard #Gains #Strengthtraining #Fitness  #Yoga #FitFluential #Fitnessfriday  #Gym #Movenourishbelieve #Squats#acro #acroyoga #armbalance #butiyoga #armbalanceaddict #KICKBOXING #BJJ #balance #beginneryoga #bodypositive #bodypositivity
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