We received this information from a NSN member who received a follow request from @_no_shoesradio_music . The only account for @kennychesney has the official verified blue checkmark. The only account for @officialnsr does not have a verified blue checkmark, however, only has one account. Please report/block this account for spam/impersonation. Together we can make our social media environment safer for everyone. 😊♥️ #socialmediasafety #kennychesney #noshoesnation #noshoesradio #nsnfishbowlstories #chillaxification
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🎶Patterson Hood🎶 a founding member of the Drive-By Truckers is coming to Globe Hall Dec 17 & 18!👀 Don’t miss this great evening of Southern Rock, Folk and Roots Country paired with our homemade BBQ! 🌮🍗tix at www.globehall.com
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Walls are up thanks to some help from friends and family. So many hours spend so far and so far from being finished... I listened to #noshoesradio constantly and it really helped motivate the entire project! #noshoesnation #buildabetterboat
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Been in the studio all week. This pic from yesterday’s guitar overdubbing session with @chrisvelan and Indio. I’m looking for rad to this albums completion and release!! Thanks everyone who is making it happen!
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Perfect song for driving home! #noshoesradio #kennychesney #amputeelife
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Diving S back to GA/FL from NC with 2 new prosthetic test sockets! Riding with No Shoes Radio again. #noshoesradio #kennychesney #amputeelife
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