🔥 Rune burning in process 🔥 For me today's rune is Dagaz. Awakening, new dawn, bold change. Thank you each and every 600 of you for the follows, I have got to know so many amazing people 🙌
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Do you ever have prophetic dreams maybe guided by the divine? I strongly believe I do. I believe my dreams hide messages in them. One of my favorite things is to help others decipher their dreams as well as my own. Patreon.com/witchyyhazelmoon . . . . . . . . #greenwitch #wicca #wit#witchesofinstagram  #spell #potions #witchessociety #pagan  #naturewitch #tarot  #oracle #pagansofinstagram  #alt#altar #enchanted #witch #witchy #witchythings #intentions #occult #altar #altarspace #essentialoils #manifest #manifestation #magick #magical #etsy #patreon #prophecy #girlswithtattoos
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Today's omen is about clocks., it's a dark omen 👻 🕒. (WARNING ⚠ omen watching can make you paranoid, learning to recognise omens by understanding that the omen will have these key trates. 1 it will be odd, uncommon situation. 2 you will know inside, your gut instinct is correct. 3 you may have just been thinking about a situation, person or event as you see the omen. That is what it's related to.) It is said if a clock starts to tick backwards that it's a bad omen, that you are stuck in a rut and you need to recognise it, change it and try and move forward or spirit will step in and move you forward. Now I have had this happen In a stagnant relationship and it did not end well as everything around tends to blow up in chaos untill you are physically pushed out of that situation. It's better to recognise this stagnation and move on yourself or else. In my situation, it was a loss of friendship, a partner, home and money at the time my life fell apart but now I am where I was meant to be. It had to blow up for me to learn and rebuild my life the right way.. Watch out for this omen and understand its a dark start to a positive outcome.. If you have a family home, if a person died in a bedroom and has a clock by the bedside, the kind that uses weights. It is said that it will stop on the time of death and only restart to tick when the next family member is to pass. Its known as the DEATH CLOCK.. If a weight in a grandfather clock broke, it was believed to be a sign someone in the family would die. Moreover, if a clock stuck 13 times instead of 12, it was meant to be a sign your time is up... Do you have have any omens about clocks. Let me know and remember to follow @exploringwitchcraft for more.
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View from the van after a rainy windy night back up in Scotland. Lets get witching! #witchinavan #witchesofinstagram🔮🌙 #pagansofinstagram #tradionalwitchcraft
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« ♡ » ❝ being a witch isn't about what you do. It's not spells, rituals and ceremony; it's the stance you take in life ❞ . — Witch, @sassylisalister . . Starting out as a witch can be hard, and I still struggle with my own identity as a witch — am i doing any of this right? have i even been doing enough magick to even consider myself a witch? but the truth is we all move at our own pace to to our own energies; you may not have the same amount of time or freedom that the other witch has; maybe you're tired or you don't feel in the right mood to do that spell you've been meaning to do. The important part is knowing that it's okay, and it doesn't make you any less of a witch than the next person. . Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and stop thinking for a moment, and I remember the feeling of power at my fingertips when I do feel like doing a little bit of spell casting; I know the feeling of the Awen, and the way it moves through me and everything else on this plant. I remember the sense of belonging I felt when I finally returned to where I belong. . . Ft. A few photos that make me think of my own witchy vibes. . . #dru#druida> #druid #australia #australianpaganism #witch #lisalister #wakethewitches #witchcraft #selflove #selfconfidence #witchyvibes #greenwitch #greenery #aunlight #solarmagick #magick #australiandruid #australiandruidry #aussiewitch #pagansdownunder #paganism #pagansofinstagram #paganwitch #cel#cel#celticpagan/a> #celticpagan #celtic #celticmagic #witchyreads
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