I was writing this very cheesy thank you post and then late last night something crashed on my front door. The shock was huge and terrifying keeping us trapped in the house and without knowing what had happened. Scared that it was actually someone trying to break in, we cried out for help and met new lovely neighbours. We stuck furniture and bicycles by the entrance and waited for help while freaking out at any noice on the streets. So afraid. At stupid am help came by the window and managed to kinda put de door back into place and a new lock and hinges. By looking at it from the outside it was most definitely a car impact which is great because I can feel safe at home again. But, really? CHEESE POST 400 followers is a good reason to celebrate and say a big THANK YOU to all of you for the lovely messages, comments and basically amazing support I've been receiving ever since I took the life changing desition to go back to full time education and fully persue my career dream of becoming an Illustrator and designer. It gets hard but I never regret it and strongly recommend everyone to go after whatever it is that you truly deeply want. By the way I had a presentation first in the morning today and there was no car crashing on my door that stopped me for being my best self at it. Proud . . . . . #thankyou #printandpattern #fabricaddict #ilovepattern #repeatpattern #illustrationdaily #womenofillustration #illustrateddoris #patternator #patterndesign #patternobserver #patternlicious #patterninspiration #surfacedesign #surfacepatterndesign #surfacepatterncommunity
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