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I am so proud of you baby girl! Keep spreading your wings, Seeking new opportunities, exploring your passions and stretching your comfort zone. @realdonshea 🦋 #spreadlove #celebrateothers #success #greatness #Power #rainapower #actor #teacher #nyc
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This week I gifted 11 people with a simple gift..a random smile and a small token. I don't really know who they were and I may not see them again. I loved seeing the smile on their faces and the surprise that someone would randomly give them something, asking nothing in return. But if my small act of kindness made a difference in their lives that's all that matters! 💗 #spreadlove #justone
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Week 8! Lots of positive vibes today & I’m starting to get more familiar with the people around here. So much gratefulness from everybody it really inspires me to keep going. One of my buddies was telling me about a job he just got working overnight. He’s really excited about it & was headed to a public restroom to shave & change into the clean clothes that he has for work. It’s really amazing that he’s trying to change his situation. 👌 I’ll be back next week! ✌️ #quaidaid
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