Oscar's holding his tennis ball 🎾
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🤔ฝากดาวบนฟ้าไปบอกเธอได้ไหม🤘 #custom #Chopper #springer #easyrider #yala #thailand
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Katie took Ben to be groomed the other day and when she came home she told me something hilarious - A guy came in and said I’m here to pick my dog up from his spa day - In a very confused and ashamed way - Then she told him how much and he joked blimey, hope you walked him for that much as well - Katie then said this dog came out from the back like he was floating on air and you could eat your dinner off his back - So many people I work with put everyone else before themselves including their pets - But they fell guilty spending a couple of hours a week looking after themselves - When in reality as selfish as it seems if you don’t look after number one you can’t truly give your all to anyone else - I try to shift all my clients mindsets that it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes and it’s ok to want to make a positive change for you. - Just some Saturday thoughts for yall. - #dog #springer #diet #weightloss #ww #slimming #slimmingworld #weightlossjourney #diettips
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