So I have this super unrealistic life dream of marrying a Peruvian alpaca farmer. Here’s why: ⠀⠀ 🦙I would get to move to Perú and speak Spanish all the time 🦙It would be 10x easier to raise bilingual children 🦙Alpaca wool is super expensive, so we would make good money selling our products 🦙I would have an unlimited amount of alpaca yarn to use for crocheting 😍 ⠀⠀ So if you know any Peruvian alpaca farmers who love Jesus with all their hearts and are currently eligible bachelors, please send them my way.😉But until then, feeding derpy alpacas will do for me ☺️ ⠀⠀ #wiknercrochetco #fridayintroductions #crochetsinspanish #crossculturalcrochet #crochetaway #crochetcommunity #cro#crochetersstagram #crocheters #crochetfun #crochetgeek #crochetlover #ilovecrochet #liveyourdream #exploringtheglobe #stayandwander #traveldeeper #travelgram #neverstopexploring #wanderfolk #starttheadventure #meettheworld
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Hallo liebe Leute, wir wünschen euch vom French Pass aus ein schönes Wochenende nach Hause. Wir waren die vergangenen zwei Tage an diesem tollen, ruhigen und sonnigen Plätzchen direkt am Meer! 😍 Das Wetter in Christchurch hatte leider doch, entgegengesetzt der Voraussage, in Regen umgeschlagen. So haben wir die Stadt nur kurz angeschaut, uns selbst ein Bild der immernoch teils heftigen Schäden des Erdbeben von 2010 gemacht und, durch Zufall, auf dem Campingplatz das junge Ehepaar wiedergetroffen, welches wir relativ zu Anfang unserer Reise kennengelernt haben 😁. Wir sind nach einer Nacht in Christchurch weiter an der Ostküste entlang. Haben uns Picton's Häuser und Jachten betrachtet, waren irgendwo im Nirgendwo auf einem kleinen, familiengeführten Campground mit Nachtwanderung in die Wälder und haben die Glühwürmchen bei deren Arbeit beobachtet. 🤭 Über Okiwi Bay sind wir also zum French Pass und heute geht's nach Richmond. Liebe Grüße vom anderen Ende der Welt! #worldtraveler #travelaroundtheworld #discoverearth #seetheworld #travelcouple #youandme #canada #usa #hawaii #frenchpolynesia #fiji #newzealand #camperlife #australia #sydney #traveljunkie #starttheadventure #makeyourdreamscometrue #weltenbummler #weltreise #liebedasleben #auszeit #instatravelgram #travelgram #rundreise #reisenmachtglücklich
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Hey guys!!! How are you enjoying your week so far? . . . I was recently at the Venice Beach in LA and I loved it so much there!! The beach was nothing like I’d imagined it to be. The sand was so white, and the view of the sea was incredible. . . . When we got there, we immediately rented some bikes and biked along the promenade. The seaside surprisingly wasn’t too crowded, and the weather was prefect. There were a few houses alongside the beach, and beautiful green palm trees were everywhere. 😍 . . . . . . LA has honestly been my favorite place I’ve traveled to, and I definitely plan on coming back. 💫 . . . . . I’ve been struggling with my mental health recently, and this trip has helped improve it so much. Walking on the beach in the fresh air helped me really think things through. I found myself thinking of all the positive things in my life, and how it outweighed the bad. I’m glad to say I’m happier and more relaxed after this amazing trip. Sometimes, you just have to get out of your daily routine and do something different! . . . When you feel yourself starting to get stressed, I find that going out into the fresh air helps a lot. Every time I go outside I feel that my mind clears a little. When I go back to the task I stopped working on, I usually finish it faster! . . . . What makes you feel better when you’re feeling stressed?💖 . . . -Mila :))
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I wasn't ready to say goodbye.
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Home, Ramallah.
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