Do more of what you love and do something you love every single day. On average a human life consists of 27.375 days, don’t waste them🙏🏽 —- November is the only month of 2019 in which I‘m not traveling. So far I’ve visited 14 countries this year - that’s a new record for me. It’s amazing how you always find a way once you put your focus on doing what you truly love. ❤️ —- Do you take the time to do something you love every single day? . . . . . . . . . #beyondthelands #createandcapture #adventureisthatlife #travelawesome #justgoshoot #simplyadventure #folkgreen #welivetoexplore #discover_earth #wonderlustcollective #sainttropezstyle #sainttropezaddict #sainttropezbeach #sainttropez2019 #sttropeztan #sttropezlifestyle #sttropezsummer #sttropezstyle #solotraveldiaries #visitcotedazur
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Petit souvenir de cet été, hâte d'y retourner pour retrouver le soleil du sud 🏝☀️
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Consistently repeated daily actions + time = inconquerable results • I read this last night and GOSH I just love it so much. It really is so simple. Is it easy? No, but the concept is really simple. Applied to just about anything in your life, being consistent will yield the results you want. • I know everyone wants a quick fix with exercise programs or eating healthy, but the truth is that being consistent with something is what gets results. Even as I am typing this… I’m like… DUH, we all know this. BUT, if it were easy, everyone would do it. • I know the Holidays are near (WOO HOO) and so many people think they can’t start now because guests are coming into town and there are have so many events with unhealthy, delicious food. Here is what I can tell you: •If you have guests coming into town: You can literally do your workouts in your bedroom. You could do them in your kitchen (I have done this before). You could do it outside. You could do it in your living room before anyone gets up. •Not enough time: The workouts are 20-30 min. So if there is a time in your day that you sit on the couch and scroll through instagram or facebook for 20 min... you could have worked out! •All the food: I am going to eat whatever the heck I want on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will just be sticking to my regular workouts and nutrition (for the most part) on non-holiday days. I will also throw out there… you do not have to give up alcohol! • The thing is, you CAN do it! I want to encourage you and support you because it can be easy to fall off the wagon, but imagine where you will be if you are consistent most days except the holidays coming up. Imagine where you will be/how you will feel compared to if you deicide you’ll just start at New Years. Big changes can happen in 6 weeks. • I can guarantee you that you won’t regret starting now. We have a challenge group open now where we are giving out tips on how to survive the holiday season, there are meal plans, recipes, encouragement, support, and PRIZES. Hehehe. Message me and I’d love to have you on my team!!!!!!!!!!! HO HO HO!
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