Lovely weekend back in Glasgow, finished off with a trip to the Hunterian Museum to see this display of Barkcloth. Great to have so much information about the wider conservation and scientific research included. Also loved the carefully painted magnets holding them up. Congrats to all involved from @uofg_ctc and @uofglasgow. #textileconservation #barkcloth #universityofglasgow #huntertian #glasgow
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@rhodeislandpbs filmed me working at a historic house museum last October, and it finally went up the other day as part of their #treasuresinsidethemuseum series! ⚫️ We were setting up for the annual mourning exhibit (the PSL of fashion exhibits, #basic but always fun) and I was assessing the condition of garments and determining whether we could mount them or even display them at all. 🔶 In a museum like this, the whole point is visitor accessibility - they don’t really have anything that is so precious that it needs to be kept in storage and only pulled out for research appointments, and that’s not the kind of institution it is anyway. ⚫️ So most pieces either go on mannequins or are laid on flat surfaces for visitors to see (and hopefully not touch), even if they’re falling apart. 🔶 The mourning collection at @hearthsidehouse mostly dates from the 1890s-1910s, but they have a few nice pieces from the 1860s and 1880s that were lovely to see! #museumwork #fashionexhibit #textileconservation #mourning
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