Honored to be advising a fascinating set of Master in Urban Planning thesis projects this year— on radical black feminist digital-spatial imaginaries and strategies, home and placemaking practices of Salvadoran Angelenos, and MA prison gardens and workforce reentry. #harvardgsd #harvardurbanplanning #thesisproject #watchout #heretheycome
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DID YOU KNOW? These are among the most common phrases women hear when being harassed on the street, according to a 2018 study by Stop Street Harassment. The women of the poll mainly encountered strangers talking about their body parts, asking sexually-explicit questions, along with whistling and honking. The men in the poll mainly experienced being misgendered, and being called transphobic or homophobic slurs. #StopStreetHarassment and treat others how you want to be treated -with respect. People aren't objects, and you aren't entitled to their time. Keep your comments to yourself. ❌🗣️
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To the future @sensoriumx
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