"I will continue shooting, admiring the sky, climbing mountains and being fascinated by simple things!" With @rap@raphaellemonvoisin / "I grew up in South of France surrounded by beautiful pine forests, but I had to move to Paris at the beginning of my teens. Ever since, I never felt I was at the right place and I have been dreaming about remote places that could fill my need for wildscapes and stunning nature. During the years I have developed a true passion for mountains, and I cherish forests as a homeland. I don’t travel for the sake of traveling; I travel to reach and discover places where I feel home and where I can learn more about myself, find myself. The connection between humans and nature is an important aspect that feeds my art nowadays. In a world where humans take control over every little thing, it is crucial for me to remember how to contemplate, to listen what the world has to say. Solitude and introspection are themes that drive my work and that I like to explore through the purest link we have with nature. To feed my creativity, I try to pay attention to my surroundings to exercise my eye, to observe and get inspired by simple things. Because inspiration can come from everything, a specific light, some interesting contrasts, a street, a tree, the sky... As long as you keep your eyes open, there is something to take. I always have a little notebook in my bag to write or draw some ideas if suddenly I feel inspired. I feel that discovering new places is very important as a photographer, but even more as a human being. When I discover a new place, I try to contemplate what the world has to say, to listen to my deep feelings and gather these emotions to remember the moment. These feelings and these emotions are pure and driven by the beauty of the memory. This is what influences my photography. Not only I want to capture beautiful moments frozen in time, I also want to share the introspective emotions and thoughts that come with them. I make sure to dedicate some time to think about what I want to create and why, what do I want to say and share." Special greetings to @raphaellemonvoisin! You can find the original story visiting the link in the bio!
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