It’s #watertablewednesday my friends!! . In this episode, we’ve got the ever-talented Marty Dunlap back on The Water Table to discuss water rights in California. This episode is a follow up on the first episode with Don Hankins, where we explored Indigenous Water Rights, which is simply an idea and not a reality of water allocation in California. . In California, there are five basic types of water rights: Pueblo Water Rights: California cities that are successors of Mexican or Spanish settlements have the right to all naturally occurring surface and subsurface water from the entire watershed of the stream flowing through the original pueblo. Riparian Water Rights: A property that abuts a waterway maintains the right to use the water from that waterway on the property. Appropriative Rights: Water can be diverted and appropriated downstream of the diversion. Pre-1914 Appropriative Rights - Appropriative rights that existed before the Water Commission Act formed a state agency (now the State Water Resources Control Board) to allocate the water. Post-1914 Appropriative Rights - Often referred to as junior water rights. Water rights obtained via permit from the State, after 1914. Adjudicated Water Rights: In many surface and groundwater basins across the state, water rights disputes have resulted in legal battles. These basins and waterways are considered adjudicated by the court, and each basin has a water right decree which details the water rights distribution for that basin. Overlying Water Rights: Landowners have the overlying rights to use groundwater beneath their parcel. Learn more: #thewatertable #CAwater #waterrights
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My friends, it’s #watertablewednesday and on this episode I interview one of my all time favorite (s)heroes! Marty Dunlap. . Pretty much every conversation I have about water in California comes down to the same topic: the public trust doctrine. . Did you know the states constitution gives ownership of water resources to the people, while the state serves as trustee of the resource? The public trust doctrine requires the state put California’s water to reasonable and beneficial use. . All kinds of statutory law have been written since California’s constitution was written, and guess what? Water has been privatized in the state. . Learn more:
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Friends, I’m excited to release the first episode of The Water Table. - In this episode, we explore how water rights are allocated to tribes indigenous to California. My very favorite part of this episode is the water blessing at the end, where Don shares a poem about water in the traditional Miwok? language. - The podcast is available on my website at and also on my Soundcloud @waterforwildlifeca - #thewatertable #watertablewednesday #CAwater #waterwaterwater
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•Water Table Wednesday • I love water beads, such a great sensory experience and we get to watch them grow! #watertablewednesday #judeaugust #teachersummer
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What table days are what we live for! I even got a little wet :) Mr. Sun, please stay a while 🖤 Do your kids have a water table? #watertabledays #watertablewednesday #wednesdaysinthewater #watertables #funinthesun #ohioweather #motherhoodmoments #toddlerlife #toddlerplay #watertablefun #momlifebestlife
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#watertablewednesday I let them splash. (A lot.) We just have to consider two things: “do I want to get wet?” and “does everyone else want to get wet?” If the answers are yes, we splash away! If the answers are no, we re-evaluate. If the answers WERE yes, but then BECOME no, then we re-evaluate, too. They are the community; they solve the problems. I’m there to help when they need me.
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Happy #watertablewednesday, so started because I just LOVE the water table. I love the socialization, I love the sensory experience, I love the math concepts, I love the rich language, I love the joy. I have the water table available pretty much daily (bless the Southern California climate), and there’s always a teacher nearby. Sometimes we add soap (I especially love soap, sponges, and brushes to help clean art mats) and sometimes we add color (almost-empty paint, food coloring.) Here, we just added a lot of STUFF, because sometimes, that’s what they want: variety.
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We found this cool sand toy at Walmart last night. It was marked down from $10.48 to $4! It works perfectly in the the water table as well!!! 💦#watertablewednesday
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