Writing out their own recipes and making their own salt dough mix #unschooling #wildandfree #freetolearn #lovemylife #mumof5 #spring #creatingcrafts
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Did you see my stories yesterday?!? I was on a hike with hubs and thought it would be adventurous and a little fun to walk across a tree that had fallen over a creek. And I fell in, hard. Like butt first, whole body under the water wearing my winter gear kind of fall. I feel kind of stupid. But you know what else, I also feel kind of proud. I am proud of myself taking a risk and trying to do something adventurous because that does not come easy for me. I like to play it safe. I usually opt out of things that are risky. But I didn’t this time. And I failed miserably. Isn’t that life?!?! Just because you are brave enough to take a risk doesn’t mean it’s going to work out. It was a good lesson for me. And I’m declaring it my baptism into a wild life 😂. The downside: every time I try and tease my husband about something all he needs to say is “yeah well, you fell in a creek” and he automatically wins. 🙄 (I attached the post fall video for your enjoyment)
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We bundled! We played! And before we knew it an entire hour went by. I think we could have stayed out longer if Linden had longer mittens (snow got inside) and both Linden and I had balaclavas like the older kids. Learning how to properly layer and bundle has really improved our winter months! #IllinoisWinter #snowday #snowvember #bundleup #wool #layers #nobadweather #1000hoursoutside #wildandfree #wildandfreechildren
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When it's the first federal holiday you've had off all season (because yes, I'm still working- perks of low staffing?😅), you take a weekend trip! To the nearest "city" close to SW Kansas haha. Anyone know where this is? Gold star if you do😉 &happy Veteran's day❤💙❤💙 . I really loved visiting this colorful, interactive piece of art! (&of course I wore my tie dye shirt to match) . 2 wks left of my seasonal employment (!!!), and I'm stoked to go home...equally stoked to continue preparing for next year! Firefighting bug bit me hard, and I can't WAIT to see what 2020 will bring!🔥 . . #cadillacranch #art #visualart #tiedye #optoutside #freedom #wildandfree #explore #wanderlust #adventure #travel #roadtrip #womenwhoexplore #womenontheroad #outdoors #hippie #hippielife #wildlandwomen #veteransday #photography
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Little trip to Golden 🤗 mostly slipped the whole way down and almost became at one with the waterfall it was magical ☺️
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speak your blessings out loud speak your truth out loud speak your love out loud speak your abundance out loud speak life to the things that feed you. #sisterlove #sisterhood #love
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