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🇪🇨 Galápagos | Grand Finale Keep swiping to watch the full video story of the Killer Whale vs. the Mola Mola! We had just finished one of our final dives in the Galápagos and as we surfaced our guide was shouting “Orcas”...it took a few seconds for this to sink in, I couldn’t believe it! We hurried back into the zodiac and a couple minutes later we were cruising alongside a pod of Killer Whales...hunting a Mola Mola! We asked if we could get back in the water and dive with them but since they were on a hunt, our guides decided against it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be something I’d get to experience. It was incredible to witness the behaviour of the Killer Whales, as they trained their young to hunt. Such graceful creatures but menacing too as they toyed with the poor Mola Mola. My heart did break a little as the Mola Mola tried to use our boat to shelter itself but all we could do was watch and let nature take its course. Really it looked like the Killer Whales were playing a game of frisbee. There were also some suicidal seals joining in on the action! We really must do all we can to protect our oceans and all the creatures in it that call it home. To think that we are responsible for endangering these beautiful creatures is a horrible thought indeed! We must act now and not be the reason they become extinct and just a beautiful memory. p.s...since we couldn’t get back into the water, we couldn’t really see what we were filming, as you might be able to tell. Some of the footage is from my lovely dive buddy @flandes_victoria, thank you for sharing! #killerwhales #molamola #hunt #predator #prey #galapagos #girlswhodive #wildestdreams #onceinalifetime #loveandrespect #saveouroceans #oneplanet #solotravel #traveldiaries #wildlifephotography #neverstopexploring
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🔮#iDreamOfYogis 🔮 . Fantasizers & visionaries, this one’s for you! Join the fun as we explore the fascinating world of dreams in all its different manifestations through creative movement; our daily topics will guide you along this powerful journey which is meant to awaken the mysteries of the subconscious and celebrate the gift of self-expression ✨ . So jump on board, and let your imagination run wild 🐺 • . . As an Aquarius Sign, I often find myself daydreaming about making my life better different or unique. If my thoughts wander off task throughout the day, I tend to let my mind travel as far away as it desires. I think often daydream about leaving work and about the sunlit flows I could be creating outside. I dream about being in the mountains, seeing the sunrise from somewhere up high, and lately I’ve been daydreaming about flowing inside a glacier. ❄️ Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do Babes ☁️ Happy Day Dreaming on this lovely Sunday 🌅 . . ☁️ Hosts ☁️ @gypsyrain7 @yogicbynature @lisasdharma @pixie.girl__ @thezenyogimuse @lola___burns @shaynarooney 🌟 💫 Sponsors 💫 @gyp@gypsy.woman.collective - 🌍 @morgan.ee - 🇺🇸 @vayumudra - 🌍 @mayyouknowjoy - 🌍 @bestowing.harmony - 🌍 @nhanpharm - 🇺🇸 @claire.cappetta - 🌍 @zinhealth - 🇺🇸 @jakeanthonyart - 🌍 • Different kinds of dreams per day 💫 Day 1 :: Day Dreams 🌅 Day 2 :: Lucid Dreaming Day 3 :: Recurring Dreams Day 4 :: Nightmares Day 5 :: Premonitions Day 6 :: Wildest Dreams Day 7 :: Manifestation 🌟 Flyer made by @gypsy.woman.collective • HOW TO PLAY ✨Follow all hosts and sponsors ✨Share this flyer and invite a couple of friends to play ✨Spread some love and share your beautiful energy in the gallery ✨Always listen to your body and be safe ✨ Tag #iDreamOfYogis to be featured in the gallery ✨ Consider putting your country in your bio to ensure eligibility for prizes! • Tagging some lovely babes to join in the dreamy Magick ✨ #yoga #yogachallenge #yog#yogi> #dream #dreamyyoga #yogadreams #daydreams #luciddreams #recurringdreams #nightmares #premonitions #wildestdreams #manifestation #movewithme #yogaart #yogaartist #asana #mediation #movingmeditation #yogi #yogalove #yogaj
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