today mat is out counting pups to study survival rates of wolves in yukon-charley. someone's gotta do it. this view is towards his wolf base camp, from my archaeology base camp a few miles away, the first and only time our field work has overlapped. we had a brief chance to "tech" for eachother's projects, and renew confidence that we had chosen the best career paths for ourselves while rounding out our understanding of the complex natural and cultural dynamics of yukon-charley rivers national preserve. #wildlifebiologist #yukoncharleyrivers
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Little Ua'u Kani (Wedge Tailed Shearwater) Chick staying safe in its burrow. I am very happy that was able to volunteer with Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project to band these birds! Wishing safe travels once they fledge.
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What an amazing moment...😄🔥 Follow: @wil@wildworld.ig Follow: @wildworld.ig
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