Get your eyes on my Sunday shoulders sesh. The day is young- go give it a run!! ❤️💪👏 This is a selection of exercises to hit all three delt heads and the lower shoulder belly to help develop beautiful round shoulders. What’s the benifit of big shoulders? The illusion of a smaller waist 😉 male or female- the v-taper is a hot look and worth working on! Don’t be afraid babes, go pump that iron! #shapeshifter #weightlifter #figure #shoulders #shoulderworkout #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #youdoyou #idome #unstoppable #dedication #bodybuilding #bodybuilder @nabba_wff_nsw @nabba_wff_australia @asn_fuelled @asnhunter @aust_sports_nutrition @asnjuggernaut @its_joelperry
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YOU GET JUDGED FOR WHATEVER YOU DO!!! Drop a ❤ if you agree? . Whether you are moving or just procrastinating, playing with your future, people will always have something to say about you... . You don't want to start your business and live the life you want because people will think you are bougie!? Well, they will judge you and call you lazy if you are poor!? . You don't want to show up online and talk about your offers because people will think you are sleazy!? Well, they will say things about you if you don't do anything with your skills and just hanging around! . Dear, whatever you do, they will judge you, you just have to choose your trial!!! . So, which one are you choosing? . The one you feel good about yourself and don't give a cr*** about what people say? Or, are you choosing the one where you have both regrets for letting yourself down and having people running their mouth about you!? . You have to make a choice!!! . Now, if you're choosing yourself and are ready to create the life you really want, I would be happy to be that mentor who will walk along your side to achieve this goal... . To take action, make sure you go to the link in my bio and book your free 30mns clarity call with me to find out if we are a match! 😊
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I feel....this just captures so much. This morning I woke at 3:00am to see the sunrise on Haleakalā’s summit. I tried to prepare myself to be reverent and present on top of the mountain. I did my best to be in the simply be. But my best wasn’t very good because I spent most my time trying to get the perfect selfie. 🤷🏻‍♀️ However the man behind me who photobombed my shot...well, I want to be him when I grow up. #ComeTravelWithMe #MediocreRoadWarrior #YouDoYou — at Haleakalā National Park.
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The temperature is slowly approaching ❄COLD❄, and I am so happy! It's almost scarf and beanie weather! Another reason I'm happy!? Less than 6 weeks until the end of this DECADE!!! . Why not take a chance on yourself and start working towards that summer body now!?👙 Instead of gaining weight throughout the holidays, let's LOSE some! 👊 . My End of a Decade group is kicking a$$ and you can totally still join us...for $20 off! Make an investment on YOU this holiday season! 🎄🎁 #youdoYOU #investmentinyourhealth #chooseyourwhy #liveyourbestlife #almostwinter #healthjourney #fitby40 #lakearrowhead #mountaingirl #mybackyard #naturechick #hikinghelpsthesoul #goalcrusher #proudaf
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