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new @alphalete giving me earthy vibes 🍂
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that feeling when the sunshine hits ur skin through a window 🤤
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About to film a YouTube video (finally lmao) - what would you like to see?📽 - P.s. restock dates have been announced on @lazulilabel
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fun fact about me: my whole back (down to mid bum) is one big patch and tans super fast.. I always put a towel over it when I sunbathe to try and get my legs/bum to catch up lol ☀️
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when in doubt of your pose, hold your hair 💁🏽‍♀️
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I don’t know why I’m holding my toe lol🤓 does anyone else have wrinkly feet?
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Today was the first day I’ve ever felt like a business woman lmao 🤪 1 day of interviews down 🙏🏼
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Interviews start tomorrow, I am SO excited to have our first employee ☺️ who’s ready to see me in a suit? Lol🌙
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