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Ready, Set, Go! 🏎 | Model: @lindymei
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Surface Level. | Model: @robeenowens
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📝 | Lost in the right direction. Exactly one year ago, I lost myself. An inevitable cataclysmic fall where I've unknowingly gave up my character and everything that made me who I am in the pursuit of voluptuary desires. I had everything (at the time, at least I thought I did) and yet I still felt completely hollow inside. I sought control and perfection in every aspect of my life. In the end, I realized that we can’t control the world around us, circumstances, people, nature, our genetics, or the past. To try to control, or to worry about any of these things is pointless, and only makes life more difficult. It’s in our constant attempt to try to control these things that we end up suffering. The only control we have are our thoughts and actions. All this woke me up, It got me working on myself, it got me growing to a speed I've never grown before. To stop prioritizing people's emotions and feelings before mine. To find the right balance. I can’t take care of other people if I can’t even take care of myself. Through this social media cleanse I've learned and still am learning to be one within myself, so that all I’d need is myself. TL;DR Long story short, I'm back. Model: @eliiiijo
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Euphoria. | Model: @naomimoonstone
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New Beginnings. | Model: @lindymei Stoked for this new year! I'm back feeling refreshed mentally and creatively. Also, I've archived my old work so I can focus strictly on new content and creative endeavors. I'll eventually put them back up in the near future.
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Italy Vibes | Model: @alliefromthesky
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C-rush hour. | Model: @megmarieadams01
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Miss me? 🌹 | Model: @bambie_girl
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