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CLEANEST in any lane 🧼 Catch us if you can 💨 Run it up in the UA Blur Lux LE. Coming soon.
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Today’s agenda 👉 Toss dimes ➕ snag one handers 📝
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Ya’ll wanna be great? Better fall in love with the dirty work. #TheOnlyWayIsThrough
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DBs gettin’ loose 🤘 Which position got the best moves?
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2020 still can’t see us. UA Blur Lux LE. Available this spring.
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Getting better isn’t easy. There are no shortcuts. No cheat codes. No quick fixes. It’s only work. #TheOnlyWayIsThrough
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Route running really a thing of beauty...easy 💰 when y’all in man coverage 🤷‍♂️
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Family ties 🤞 #UACampusBlitz alumni in the 🏡 Which sqUAds do you want to see featured next season? 👇
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