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The past month was incredible. Challenging, rewarding, inspiring, and so many other things that all just made me better as a producer and a musician. I’m beyond grateful to collaborate with such talented people with such a strong vision. Thank you @caspianofficial for trusting me with your art and thanks for building this incredible work together. My goal with this was to have a caspian record that spoke to the soul quicker than ever as if there were vocals there in ever second. And we did that. These 6 musicians speak to you with their instrument, with their craftsmanship. Everyone has such an incredible voice on this record. This record is as quiet as the band ever gets, its louder than the band ever gets, its darker than the band ever gets, its brighter than the band ever gets. The record is an experience. This batch of pieces will be a highlight of my production career. These guys are my brothers. Can’t wait to share . Photo by the Legend @ryancrashburn
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Yoooo thanks to the super dope @47 for swagging me up in repping the greatest city in the world. Always stoked to have the support of amazing companies like them! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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Was very cool to speak with the @recordingacademy. Very humbling to have them tell a bit of my story. I never thought while making music in my moms basement back in 2004 I would be talking about it on Grammy.com 15 years later, but I’m very grateful that people like those in the academy are paying attention to the incredible community of music I’m lucky enough to be a part of. Check out this cool piece my new friend wrote for the grammy site. link in bio.
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Congrats to my brother and my sister in law, two of the best people in the world for bringing a super star into our lives. Meet Aiden Frederick Yip. I’m gonna buy you so many pairs of Jordan’s and all the Phillies stuff.
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Check out the new dope ass @mannequinpussy song! Probably my favorite from the record!!! I love these guys and I love this band!! Preorder the new record. Shit is fiiiire 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥
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Insanity with @caspianofficial 🔥🔥 Pic: @ryancrashburn
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It’s very rare to meet people that changes your life so dramatically. Balance did that for me. From the second I heard them back in 2009, I knew they were special and were going to do something important. We’ve gone through and grown so much together in 8 years of working together. Such inspiring artists and inspiring people. They inspired me to be better. I’m beyond grateful to have not just been able to make some of the most important friends I’ll have for the rest of our lives, but grateful to just be a fan and an appreciator of what they did. The world needed balance and composure. Thank you guys and congratulations for making your mark. A perfect end to a perfect catalog and musical life. You’re my family @balanceandcomposure
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I’m so proud of this team. Before we started, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I wanted to help them make THEIR record. The best record we could possibly make together. From day 1 of prepro through the very last piano note we tracked, I knew we were making something special. We pushed each other and pushed the songs as much as we could, to make the most unique, melodic, energetic, raw yet most engaging record of their career. I know we did that. And in making the record I also made 5 new brothers, brothers that are some of the most talented and best people I’ve ever met. Beyond grateful to not only call them great artist and collaborators, but friends I’ll have for the rest of my life. Listening to this record is as much of a blast as it was making it. Forever grateful and thank you @defeaterhc for letting me be a part of your masterpiece. Welcome back. If you love energetic and passionate shit, listen to their appropriately self titled new LP and support some of the best people in the world 🙌🏼
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