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Hello my dear dear friends, I’m sure by know you have heard that, no,we are not making a Fieldtrip 2020. I know a lot of you were disappointed. And this may sound weird. But I’m really glad that you were. I’m proud that you were. Everyone who has come through FieldTrip’s doors knows that its a magic place. A place where we do some intense, muddy work. Emotionally, spiritually, professionally, creatively and all that... But behind the scenes of that work.. Is a whole lot of other work. Work that challenges our entire team at Fieldtrip, and especially me, the heart of the operation. At the time when all the talk surrounding Fieldtrip 2020 was swirling and an announcement had to be made, I didn’t have the words to really get at the heart of my explanation. But I owe that to all of you and wan’t you all to hear from my heart why this decision was the best one we could have made for the survival and the future of fieldtrip. The thing is that I want Fieldtrip to be that magical place for you all. No, I need it to be. Because when Fieldtrip was born, the dream of bringing together this community was never about ~networking~. It wasn’t about us all sitting around and talking about cameras. It was born out of my own personal spiritual practice. Because I have found that any of us who have spent time in spiritual exploration have found ourselves ensnared in a kind of guru/transcendent culture that relies on your quiet participation. Where you connect for the sake of connecting. And in some ways we owe all of our spiritualism to this, as it often is the first place we go to connect to ourselves. To unpack and overcome or suffering. But what we come into contact with is a lot of people who proclaim themselves teachers and gurus but who are really spiritually dead inside. In the words of my friend Jeff Brown, they are spiritual bypassers. These “gurus” are careless and irresponsible, by declaring that they themselves have passed the point of student in order to become teachers and ceasing to attend to their own needs. These are the people who might put you to sleep in a meditation class. Because they're not really connecting.
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As most of you know, Yeah Field Trip as it exists today was born out of the wedding photography community. They’ve always been geeks about cameras... actually, in general. They start as this but become doulas, mountain drag queens, actors, coffee roasters, tiny potters, full-time dads, breath work masters, long distance bike riders, @smilebooth owners, set designers, company owners, divorced people, married people, people having babies, dog owners, and some of us are just really a lot better photographers and humans. Wedding photographers are the core of many communities you’d never know of. These geeks have partnered with the industry’s top companies in imaging. Speaking for us and the multifaceted community around us, there’s some big things coming up. Hopefully this algorithm keeps us in touch... 📸s by the very talented (and teacher of 2021) @jtrav
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This crazy thing happened to me not too long ago.. I invited someone to a pool party, (a complete stranger) Only to discover they were the most talented artist/person ever and that I needed to keep them around... Crazy how that happens, huh? Well anyways, here is a drawing of our Glassell Park Pool Party oh some weeks ago by someone I’m very pleased to call a friend Julie Newton @joojgoto
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Feelings are growth are progress— your heart growing, your capacity expanding. Growing pains are indicators that you’re learning a lesson(s). Thanks for taking this beautiful photo Brian @503film - shot at #sonykandotrip
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Hi Friends, I know we're about get undressed together in a few hours, just a few important reminders about what we're getting into (other than the pool) 1. You don't have to get in the pool. Just be with us however you are. We like you as you dressed or undressed. 2. Plastic ain't fantastic. Especially for your favorite "drinks", sealed, non-glass containers are totally highly intensely seriously recommended. 3. No floaties. You can't even climb on each other... neither of which in the pool at least. 4. ... there's a lot of us coming to this. Your fast pass code when you show up is 'FlashDance'. If you're in line and see one of our beautiful familiar faces, raise your hand wave and say 'Flashdance'. That's our safe word. If you have your own you can say it directly after this one. 5. It will be cold in the evening. The lights are going to turn on, your headlights are going to turn down, so bring a sweatshirt. In fact, here's a packing list: - Sweatshirt - Towel - Clothing (however much or little you want) - A covered bottle - A good attitude Can't wait to get wet, Yeah
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Hey friends! You may have seen some exciting news in my story this afternoon! Yup, it’s true, Michael Antonia (@theflashdance) and I are going to Stockholm to hang out with our friends @wayupnorth Since FieldTrip is officially off the books this year, this would be a great chance for you to connect with a dope community of photographers and maybe attend some fieldtrip favorites like sing along and bar napkin brainstorm. And don’t worry, it’ll be weird... think college reunion rave party workshop play date conference dance party I have a few free tickets to spread around to FieldTrip alumn but if you miss out on those, no worries, I’ve still got an epic discount for you. This is a conference very much tailored to photography, so bear that in mind! That said, there will be lots of play and lots of fun. Come hang out! DM me!
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Still trying to come down from the high of last week ✨ we had such a wonderful time hanging out with such an amazing group of like minded creatives and building things together. In a couple weeks we are heading to Charlotte, NC to make more magic so the high isn’t over yet! Join us and our @sonyalpha #sonyalphameetup family on 9/12 from 5-8. Comment or dm if you’re interested and we will send you more deets 🤙🏼 photo taken by @jnsilva at #sonykandotrip
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Collaboration is a beautiful thing, Andy, the artist behind this beautiful video, last night asked me where he should go this morning to film. I said with no specificity, “why don’t you go film the plane at sunrise?” Andy, of course, went above and beyond and actually got IN the plane. Classic Andy. Not to mention Jake and Matt who on the spot, produced an original score for this video. NOT TO MENTION that this morning we all sat together and edited it while Patty made us breakfast. I repeat, everything in this video, including the construction of it, happened between 6:30 and 11:00 am. How insane and beautiful is that? I know this is cheesy but .. love ALWAYS wins. I love this big beautiful band of misfits. Not only do I work with them.. I also eat with them and sleep with them (not like THAT) and live life with them. Our coming together nourishes my soul. And I just can’t say it enough. Collaboration and community make the world go round. But as all things do, our time here in sunriver is coming to a close. I would like to take this opportunity and say a biiiiiiig special thank you to Matt Parnell for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event and for supporting us and believing in all our creative madness. It’s not often that we get a corporate company that wants to lean into weirdness. Thank you! In fact I think a big huge thank you is owed to everyone involved! ESPECIALLY that band of misfits I was talking about. I am so grateful for all of your hard work and your energy and for all the beautiful things we were able to create together! Some of you were here on the ground, building sets, some of you were back at home making things happen, some of you were making photos or music or art or breakfast or videos, or wrangling talent or whatever the day called for. I’m blessed to know all of you In no particular order... @nicoleroosien @ellissastarr @andrewhardy @littlegreeneyes @jacobboll @romaoeh @matthewdriggs @firstpancakes @brianbrose @whatwhatlulu @kendallweir @litltuna @zsnb @_erl_ @hannahetarr @whitneykentchamberlin (me) #sonykandotrip #bealpha #sonyalpha
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