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Use your imagination while encouraging theirs. #fortheloveofcardboard
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It’s a horse of course! #hornlessunicorn
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Another photo from the shoot a bit back. #dressedtoimpress
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I think the dinosaur head template is probably my favourite template out of all the templates. It’s so much fun and the kids play with it all the time.
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Always looking to make you laugh. Just don’t turn your back on him. #imnotjoking
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In for repairs after some rough play. I’m never bothered if I have to fix sometime, it means the kids are enjoying it. It’s never hard to fix anyway, just a bit of glue here and there. #eyepoppedout
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Fascinated by how he can make the fingers move. Have you got some old paper towel or wrapping paper tubes you could #upcycle ?
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This barrister is a #babychino specialist. Just don’t expect any change.
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